Greco & Haines: Connecticut’s Most Trusted Well Water Specialists

Do you need an upgrade to your well, or maybe a brand-new, efficient, reliable well water setup in New Milford, CT? Are you experiencing low water pressure in your house, well pump problems, or other breakdowns in the system—or perhaps you simply have off-tasting or murky drinking water? For all of your well water needs, look no further than Greco & Haines, Inc., Connecticut’s go-to well water specialists for more than a half-century. You won’t find a better choice for well water service in New Milford, CT than our highly trained and personable team.

Our New Milford, CT services include:

  • Well Pump Repairs, Replacements & Installation
  • Water Filtration System Repairs, Replacements & Installation
  • Water Quality Testing
  • 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Well Service

Well Water Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement in New Milford, CT

Turn to Greco & Haines for expert installation of the perfect well water system for your New Milford, CT household. Whether we’re configuring a new well water pump and filtration system or upgrading an existing one, we’ll draw upon more than five decades of experience to select the best technology for your needs. At Greco & Haines, we can supply well water systems of greater efficiency, security, and reliability, including:

  • Full Home Water Systems
  • Submersible Well Pumps
  • Manual Hand Pumps as Backups

An upgrade to just one part of your well water system can lead to substantial savings, not to mention higher all-around livability and value for your home. We’ll assess your existing system or site to determine the best course of action, then provide a no-obligation estimate for implementing that plan—whether a new installation or an improvement of existing infrastructure—in line with your budget.

Full Home Water Filtration Systems & Constant Pressure Water Systems

The safety of your water supply is your number-one priority; its clarity, flavor, and odor are also important factors. At Greco & Haines, we offer a broad spectrum of water filtration systems and softeners to address all of these water-quality issues. We can assess the specific problem areas in your water and provide the perfect filter to effectively deal with them. Our various multi-media water filters treat for:

  • Hard Water
  • High pH Levels
  • Elevated Iron & Sulfur Levels
  • Bacteria
  • Odor

Say good-bye to cloudy-looking ice cubes and poor-tasting water with our reverse-osmosis filter and ultraviolet filter that targets harmful bacteria.

In addition to filter systems installation in New Milford, CT, we also offer the installation of  Constant Pressure Systems that maintain your water pressure regardless of water consumption. These systems provide worry free “city-like” water pressure for all faucets and lines as well as overload surge protection and more to increase your home’s value and improve your lifestyle.

Water System Check Ups & Water Testing in New Milford, CT

Ensuring your water system is functioning properly and that your water supply is safe to drink is of paramount importance. Here at Greco & Haines, Inc., we carry out a wide array of water system check-ups and water testing in New Milford, CT. Contact us if you’re experiencing low or no water pressure, sediment in your water, muddy water, etc. and we will analyze your system’s functionality in order to determine the cause of these issues.

In addition to water system check ups, we also offer fine-tuned evaluations for:

  • Mineral Content
  • Bacteria
  • Radon & Other Contaminants
  • Overall Potability

Well Repair Services – 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

Your well water is among the most fundamental systems in your household, and any damage, malfunction, or subpar performance within that system carries major repercussions. We understand how these issues can happen on weekends and holidays, and make life at home hard and uncomfortable for everyone. That is why we offer our well repair and replacement services every day of the week, 365 days a year (yes, even on holidays) at the normal rate; so no over charges for weekends or holidays. From repairing or replacing components to complete overhauls, Greco & Haines can get your well system back into excellent working shape so you’re once again enjoying a safe, satisfying, supply of water.

Trusted Well Water Service Company in New Milford, CT

In need of well water pump repair in New Milford, CT? Curious about the quality of your water? Staring down a complete well water system malfunction in the wee hours of the night? The experienced team at Greco & Haines—backed up by our fleet of 14 service trucks, three boom/winch trucks, and a rack truck—is at your disposal, 7 seven days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us here or call 1-800-922-2958 for the finest in well pump installation and repair, water filtration systems, water quality testing, and any other well water service in New Milford, CT.