Well Pumps Explained

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A CT well water system is pretty simple at first glance—it contains the well where the water is stored and a piping system to get the water into your home. But at the core of it all is the well pump. Here is a closer look what a well pump actually does, and the different types of well pumps that are available in CT.

What Is a Well Pump

Your well water is retrieved from the ground and stored in an aquifer, but it is the well pump’s job to get the water from the aquifer into your home. Without a well pump in CT, you would have to literally go out to your well and retrieve your water with a pail. With a well pump, all of the work is done for you, and your fresh CT well water is brought into your home and stored in a pressurized tank in your basement.

Types of Well Pumps

The majority of CT well water systems rely on electric pumps because they are simpler to use, reliable, automatic, and efficient. There are two types of electric well pumps in CT:

  • Jet Pump – This type of well pump uses suction to pull the well water into the pipes. It is often used for shallow wells.
  • Submersible Pump – A submersible pump works by pushing the water upward into the pipe. We offer 2 types of submersible pumps. One being the conventional submersible pump. The other being a constant pressure submersible pump. We would love the opportunity to discuss the benefits of each type of submersible pump with you.

Even though electric well pumps are the most common types installed with our well pump services in CT, there is another other option available:

  • Manual pumps – Manual pumps, or hand pumps, are only reserved for situations in which an electric pump cannot operate, but every home in CT should have one as a standby.

Choosing a Well Pump

The type of well pump you need for your well water varies depending on the depth of your well and the other components your well uses. At Greco & Haines, we come out to your home, evaluate your well, and let you know which type of well pump we recommend. Sometimes, by simply upgrading your well pump, you can feel like you have a completely new well system.


To learn more about well pumps, or to schedule an evaluation, contact us now.