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Constant water pressure systems are designed to maintain a consistent water pressure level throughout a home or property. A constant pressure system replaces the simple switch with a control commonly known as a variable frequency drive, or VFD, and a pressure sensor. These components work together to regulate system pressure effectively. The VFD ensures precise adjustments in pump speed, activating upon detecting a minimal 5 PSI pressure drop.  It then modulates its speed accordingly, maintaining a consistent PSI level in response to demand fluctuations. 

Constant water pressure systems are particularly beneficial for well systems, as they can help to improve water flow and pressure. With a constant water pressure system, homeowners can enjoy strong and consistent water pressure, even during peak usage times. Greco & Haines carries and installs the most advanced water products available to cater to your Connecticut home.

Types of Constant Water Pressure Solutions Available

Maintaining steady and reliable water pressure is crucial for a worry-free water supply experience in your home. Well water systems in Connecticut can have a wide variety of issues and potential problems throughout the year. A range of constant water pressure solutions is available to meet varying needs and challenges. Below, we dive into the diverse types of solutions commonly implemented to maintain consistent water pressure:

Submersible Pumps: Installed inside the well itself, these pumps are highly efficient for deep well applications, ensuring reliable water pressure.

Gravity-Fed Systems: Operating on gravity, these systems use stored water at an elevated point but may experience pressure variations based on water levels.

Pressurized Systems: Utilizing pumps, pressurized systems maintain steady water flow regardless of demand variations, offering reliability for residential and commercial use.

Each solution offers distinct advantages, catering to different property types and ensuring consistent water pressure levels.

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  • Advantages of a Constant Pressure System

    A constant pressure system is a great way to ensure that you always have the right amount of water pressure in your home. Here are some advantages of using a constant pressure system:

    • Consistent Water Pressure: With a constant pressure system, you can be sure that you will always have consistent water pressure throughout your home, not having to worry about low pressure in certain areas of your home. “City-like” water pressure from most wells!
    • Automatic Increased Pump Output on Demand: This flexibility allows people to adjust water pressure levels for different tasks or areas of the property, creating optimized water usage.
    • Prevention of Damage: Inconsistent water pressure can be detrimental to appliances within the home. Constant pressure systems help protect those appliances and ensure the pump never runs dry.
    • Water Savings: Maintaining constant pressure can contribute to water savings over time as it prevents wastage associated with pressure fluctuations.
    • Quiet Operation: Modern constant pressure systems are designed to operate quietly and efficiently, with overload surge protection.
    • Reliability and Longevity: Constant pressure systems are designed for reliability and durability, built to withstand continuous operations and provide performance that is consistent over the years. The increase in value of your home as well as the increase in reliability in your home water system is substantial!


Constant water pressure systems offer a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining consistent water pressure levels in Connecticut residential and commercial properties. Whether you choose a submersible pump for deep well applications, or a pressurized system for steady flow regardless of demand, each type of constant water pressure solution brings distinct advantages. From enjoying strong and consistent water pressure to automatic adjustments for optimized usage, these systems also protect appliances, promote water savings, operate quietly, and boast long-term reliability. Investing in a constant pressure system not only enhances the value of your property but also ensures a worry-free water supply experience for years to come.

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If you have an emergency or require immediate assistance please call 203-735-9308 or 203-777-2256 or toll free from any CT area code 1-800-922-2958.

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